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Time Out!

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You'll be surrounded by HDTV

Sports action from NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA, Nascar, and more upon request!


Warm Ups
Soups & Salads
Baked Sandwiches
Classic Sandwiches
Specialty Sandwiches
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Soft Drinks

Time Out Alehouse

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Sub dinner salad add. 1.99
Rib Tips
Two pounds of tasty, tender, meaty Rib Tips slow-cooked, then
lightly barbecued with our smokehouse BBQ sauce. Served with
fries and coleslaw.

19.29 1/2 order 11.79

Fish & Chips
Tender, flaky filets of cod, lightly battered and served with fries,
coleslaw and tartar sauce.

Shrimp Platter
A spectacular shrimp feast! Large butterflied shrimp coated with a
flavorful, seasoned panko breading and quick fried to order. Served
with fries, coleslaw and tartar sauce.
Chicken Strips & Chips
Lightly coated with seasoned breading, fried andvserved with fries and coleslaw and your choice of ranch dressing, BBQ or honey mustard sauce.

SPECIAL!!! Steak Dinner*
Midwest corn-fed, Choice center-cut Top Sirloin 10oz. steak. Served with baked potato & choice of soup or salad.

* Steaks cooked rare, medium rare or pink in the middle may be
undercooked and are served only upon request
(consumption of raw beef may result in foodborn illness).